we discuss with Matineh Eybpoosh the topic Startup Journeys – Clean-Tech Entrepreneur Matineh Eybpoosh. Matineh shares her experiences of being an entrepreneur and how women-owned businesses are playing a prominent role in our society and inspiring others.

Matineh is an Entrepreneur and engineer. Specialize in machine-learning-based optimization of Energy Storage, EVs, Distributed Energy Resources, and Energy System operation.


Women in Startup Series: Transforming ideas into a business venture https://youtu.be/eyJK9Z0nKnc

DEI: Importance of networking and resource groups https://youtu.be/U5X5_Kn9jyo

DEI: How it Helps To Build A Successful Talent Pipeline https://youtu.be/cl_onxMxtxM

Diversity and Inclusion: The Legal Importance of Diversity and Inclusion https://youtu.be/a3kWThA5byc

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Leadership approach in achieving success https://youtu.be/vjoryv1MkYM

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Introduction to global practices https://youtu.be/2ZG154UCF6k

Diversity and Inclusion: What’s your story?


Diversity and Inclusion: How enterprises are making a difference https://youtu.be/DVm6gxFA-pI

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