About Us

As we enter in the new phase of post pandemic world, the reset button of our work and life has been pressed. We have a very unique opportunity with Remote and Hybrid Working to bring in millions of people on mainstream work based on meritocracy irrespective of ethnicity, culture, location, and time zones.
Egnosi, a new startup was formed at the pick of pandemic. We have an experience of 15 years in distributed workforce in 2006 in our earlier company. We have been developing remote working solutions since Y2K event.
Pandemic has advanced the future forward by 20 years. Everyone was forced to work online and that too for 2 years!! Now we have evolved. Click here to get article of Why Remote and Hybrid Working is Here to Stay?
We also decided to focus on talent pool in India. Click here Why Leverage India’s Talent Pool?


We would like to touch base every individual on this planet and help them unleash their maximum potential to make theirs and others lives, better.

Why are we doing this

We have created an ecosystem of career development focused on individual's Life Experience to get better Employee Experience resulting in better Customer Experience. We want to work in the interest of all stakeholders of business with razor sharp focus on Life Experience.

Our Values

We believe that happy employees will result in happy customers. When we work together on the right thing as one team, we will change lives one at a time. Our core values are Trust, Creativity, Humility, Empathy, and Learning in real time.

Our Company

egnosi Inc is a US based company setting up subsidiaries and licensees in various countries, starting with India.