• The service, quality of candidates and response time has been outstanding.

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  • The best thing about Egnosi is their ability to understand the nature of business and deliver on time.

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What They're Saying

"There is no fear factor that holds us back from outsourcing our recruitment and selection work to Egnosi. It's a strategic collaboration which fulfills the objective of roping in the best talent in a specific time frame."

Collaboration drives performance in recruiting

In a rapidly globalizing world, businesses have evolved from being predictable to becoming highly uncertain. At the turn of this decade, technology major IBM interviewed 1500 global CEOs across 60 countries and 33 industries for a study titled Capitalizing on Complexity. The report reveals that, "69% CEOs believe business environment has become more volatile while 65% agree that it has become more uncertain and less predictable." As a result, the inability to mobilize relevant talent and forecast manpower needs in the future has become a common strategic concern across modern day corporations.

Customer Primer

NetWeb has been in the business of delivering highly effective software solutions and innovation driven services to enterprises since 1998. The company has thus far been successful and now has a footprint in the US, UK, Florida and India. To deliver compelling solutions, NetWeb relies on an off-shore centric business model deployed across its transnational offices. However, its success largely depends on the procurement of exceptional software engineers, developers and programmers.

Customer Situation

NetWeb's office in Vadodara, India had experienced rapid growth in a considerably short span of time. The software company developed a new growth strategy which required it to ramp-up human capital quickly. Top management assumed that the task could be managed in-house and therefore, the HR department was given one month to recruit new hires. However, finding competent developers well-versed in programming languages like .NET, Java and PHP in a city like Vadodara turned out to be a herculean task. Within a few days, it became clear that they needed help.

Egnosi Solution

Egnosi started by developing a highly qualitative recruitment and selection framework for NetWeb. A time constraint based comprehensive talent acquisition plan was chalked out. Egnosi then set up a dedicated talent acquisition team which tapped into the company's prescreened database of IT professionals and used its proprietary screening process to send only the most suitable profiles for scrutiny. After the screening and selection, the team working on the project initiated salary deliberations and oversaw all legal formalities for the appointment.

Key Highlights

  • Mobilized, screened and placed 30 exceptional candidates in vacant positions in a city that suffers from a dearth of highly qualified IT professionals.

  • Delivered in 25 days.

  • Emerged as a long term strategic partner for NetWeb.