Frequently Asked Questions

Basic membership is our free tier membership while premium membership has an annual membership fee which is applicable.

Your premium membership is a 1 year membership. Your premium membership will not automatically renew. At the end of your membership year, your membership will automatically convert to a basic membership if you do not renew. If you want to continue as a premium member you will have to manually submit your credit or debit card information.

If you do not renew your premium membership you will automatically convert into a basic member.

You will receive email notification before expiry of your membership with instructions for renewal. You can also renew your membership from your member dashboard. In case of further assistance write us an request to

There is no expiration date on a basic membership.

Egnosi Basic Memberships do not expire.

No, you can refer your friend for a membership but each individual is verified against each membership.

Your annual membership is valid from the date of payment. If you cancel your membership during the year your membership status will remain active until the year has expired.

Premium+ Services are on demand customised services available for premium members and are one time services that premium members can avail.

You can login to your account and check your dashboard to confirm services or features available to your membership.

You will need a means to make a payment online either using credit card, debit card, netbanking, wallets or any equivalent means of payment.

Double check that the information you are submitting in the payment form; Name, Address, Phone, all must match the information on file with your bank. If this information does not match, your bank will not approve the transaction. You can transaction again once corrected.

You may use credit or debit cards for paying membership fees.

We accept only credit, debit cards or alternate online payments methods for membership fees.

A receipt for payment for the registration fee was automatically sent to the email address provided during registration. Sometimes emails may land in spam folders or quarantine depending on your IT department settings on your email provider, so please check there first. Or you may email a request to info(@)egnosi(dot)com and we will email you a copy of your receipt.

All information pertaining to your membership will be available on our member dashboard in case you require further assistance you can reach out to your designated career coordinator.

Look to the top right of any page on the member dashboard. Confirm you are logged-in. Once you are, click the Edit Profile button to see your account details.

Look at your membership dashboard. Confirm you are logged-in. Once you are, click on the particular service to access it.

Look to the top right of any page on the member dashboard. Confirm you are logged-in. Once you are, click the Payments section to see your account details.

Our emails have an unsubscribe link, in case you need further assistance please send your unsubscribe request to and we will promptly remove your email from our list.