The Digital Wall

This room is designed to be a data collaboration work area. As against the White Wall area, this room is more about working on digital content and being able to discuss it in real time. It is dominated by a display wall with the associated equipment for projecting information on it.

Typical Uses

  • Engineering businesses when they need to collaborate on drawings
  • Financial businesses reviewing information in realtime from multiple sources
  • In-house telepresence solutions

Furniture elements

  • Fixed conference room table
  • Moveable conference chairs
  • Thick carpeted floor
  • Water cooler

Technology elements

  • Terminal risers for power, connectivity and display on the table
  • Short throw projectors to cover the display wall
  • Processing computers within the room to be connected to the display projectors
  • Enough bandwidth for virtual collaboration data transmission
  • Digital interactive whiteboards with annotation markers
  • Touch screen controllers on the desk to control content
  • HD cameras and video conferencing equipment (software or hardware)
  • Audio interfacing equipment (amplifier) & speakers
  • IP speakerphone