Huddle Space

War Chambers are designed to be informal meeting spaces within the office. These rooms accommodate 6-8 people at a time and normally do not have the standard office furniture. The idea is to provide a casual space where the participants can discuss and think out of the box. They can be designed in multiple configurations keeping in mind the potential users and the available spaces within the floor plan of the office.

Typical Uses

  • Business strategy discussions
  • Agile scrum meetings
  • Brain storming
  • Quick and casual working space for a small group
  • Meetings with vendors or suppliers
  • Morning briefings for field sales teams

Furniture elements

  • Preferably built along the side of the floor plan with ample natural lighting from windows
  • Casual seating chairs
  • Low height cushioned benches
  • Sofas and loungers
  • Dry erase white board along on one wall

Technology elements

  • WiFi coverage in the room