Mission Control

The Mission Control is designed as a command and control center. It provides for uninterrupted performance around the clock. There are careful considerations of redundancy, potential points of failure and the need to always maintain systems in working condition.

Typical Uses

  • Broadcast operations
  • Network operations control centre
  • Data Center monitoring & support services
  • Financial trading services
  • Banking operations control centre
  • Surveillance
  • Network operations centre

Furniture elements

  • Stepped raised flooring design with under-the-floorboards cabling
  • Modular work desks with connectivity, communication and power risers facing the data wall
  • Ergonomic office work chairs for extended work hours
  • Flexi mounts for computer monitors on each workdesk
  • Data wall enclosure with cooling to house the electronics
  • Mobile pedestal stands for ad-hoc display screens
  • Carpeting on the floor
  • Acoustic material (acoustic foam and sound absorbing tiles) to be used for walls and ceiling

Technology elements

  • Dedicated workstations at each desk with widescreen monitors
  • Dedicated Gigabit wired network setup for the room with automatic failover
  • High speed Internet and hardware VPN gateways with warm standby
  • Video/data wall setup for multiscreen computing and data display (LCD or DLP cubes)
  • Redundant, uninterrrupted power supply with generator backup
  • IP or PSTN lines on each desk
  • HD webcam on each workstation
  • Ad-hoc HD display screens on pedestals