Project Huddle

This is a rapidly reconfigurable space within the premises. It primarily is an open floor plan design with preferably a high ceiling, which incorporates elements of both formal and informal working areas. It almost creates a sub-office within your business with its own independent facilities, resources, tools and technology to enable short term project teams to work and disband after project completion.

Typical Uses

  • Agile software development teams
  • Product designing teams
  • Event collaboration groups
  • Local back-end team for onsite project commissioning
  • Content copywriting and design groups in Publishing houses

Furniture elements

  • Scrum cave – A rapid deployment structure like tent on stilts, collapsible partitions on aluminium frames, framed glass walls with blinds. This structure should be able to house at least 10 people at a time. It does not need any chairs or tables except a small standing desk with a table top space to accommodate 3-4 laptops
  • Two flat, rectangular table tops (minimal design, no inbuilt utility risers), each to accommodate 8 people
  • Ergonomic office chairs at the tables, a total of 16
  • Comfortable, informal seats in the floor area
  • Bean couches, bean bags and fitness balls for random seating
  • A pair of Work chairs with collapsible tops
  • At least 4 designated work clusters within the open floor plan
  • Water cooler, drinks dispenser, tea/coffee and snacks self-serve table
  • At least two dry erase whiteboards with stands
  • Elements of nature like potted plants and a water body

Technology elements

  • Vertical standalone Power bars in each sub area
  • Two WiFi access points
  • Dedicated high speed internet bandwidth through the access points
  • A standby wireless projector (no screen required)
  • A wireless printer on the same network