Project Office

This is a medium to long term usage space that is designed to facilitate project collaboration. The workspace has provision for wide tables for collaboration on documents, ample storage spaces and all the tools needed to control and manage projects from the location.

Typical Uses

  • Engineering Design firms
  • Interior designing businesses
  • Architecture businesses
  • Publishing houses

Furniture elements

  • 7 feet high storage panel (with and without shuttering) along the wall
  • Low height storage integrated with the above panel with provision to store large format drawings
  • Each work desk is 4 feet wide and 6 feet long work table top with a 3'x5' top in an L-shaped formation
  • Ergonomic office seating chairs
  • Carpeted flooring
  • Ceiling suspended lighting on all the work table tops

Technology elements

  • Computer workstations with 22” LCD monitors on each desk, wireless keyboard/mouse
  • Standard desktop printers (on the network) – at least 1 for each set of 3 workdesks
  • A large format printer in the room
  • Flat bed scanners – 1 for each set of 3 workdesks
  • Graphic Pen tablets on each designer' workstation
  • IP phones on each desk