Service Desks

A dedicated entrance for visitors to check in, request information, check out. Service desks convey the first impression of a company's business values to visitors.

Typical Uses

  • Front office/ reception desk
  • Service desks for banks, financial services, insurance businesss etc

Furniture elements

  • Flat table top with a vertical glass or wooden face (rich look and texture) for front office
  • Flat table top design (4' x 5') for utilitarian service desk
  • Comfortable, ergonomic office chairs at each desk
  • Partition on the desk to screen the front office user and data from visitors
  • Signs on the desk displaying various services and directions
  • Plush office chair for user and chairs for guests
  • Mail, messages and keys rack – either free standing wall unit or under the counter
  • Folio trays, filing cabinets
  • Cosmetic elements to enhance the look and feel of the lounge area

Technology elements

  • Computer workstation, networked
  • Multi-line telephone system with caller ID display
  • IVR system
  • MFD (print, scan and fax) on the desk
  • Surveillance system connection and monitor