Situation Rooms

A situation room for all your temporary workgroups formed to fight an emergency. This is designed in a way that promotes extensive interaction between team members and has all the resources and tools necessary to conclude an emergency.

Typical Uses

  • A print run for a publishing company
  • A product release room for a software development company
  • A situation room for an ITES business

Furniture elements

  • Fixed continuous workdesks arranged in a pentagon or hexagon formation (depending on space)
  • Moveable chairs
  • No work drawers on the floor
  • 5” Pin up boards all around the workspace above the workdesk level

Technology elements

  • Power and network connectivity options for at least 10 computer/ laptop workstations
  • Dedicated, isolated network switch for the area (with backend connectivity to regular office network
  • At least two dedicated 22” flat screen monitors permanently mounted in the area
  • At least 5 IP-phones and at least one PSTN line
  • At least 5 Laptop docking stations permanently placed in the area