Smart Class 2 (Audi)

For large groups in an lecture hall style seating arrangement. Flexible in terms of configuration to support team, division, or company wide training activities.

Furniture elements

  • Lactern (with termination points for all connections)
  • Cabinets for housing equipment
  • Cabinets for housing stationary
  • Fixed Auditorium style seating arrangement with fixed tables
  • The rooms needs to have significant acoustic damping on the walls and ceiling. Use sandwiched walls with acoustic foam and acoustic ceiling tiles

Technology elements

  • Projectors with collapsible screens (depending on room size and available mounting options)
  • HDMI display screen (for displaying remote end point video)
  • WiFi Access point in the room and internet connectivity (4 Mbps for a class size of 50 students)
  • Cordless lapel microphones
  • Handheld microphones or fixed tabletop microphones for audience
  • Amplifier, audio mixer & wall mounted speakers in a surround configuration
  • Digital content recording/ streaming equipment (with instructor and audience HD cameras & network connectivity)
  • Interactive whiteboard with markers
  • Networked or wireless printer