The White Wall

The White Wall is a collaborative workspace where single disciplinary or multi disciplinary teams can gather for a few hours for discussions. The area is dominated by a big white board wall and relaxed seating for participants.

Typical Uses

  • Brainstorming sessions for product design or ideas in general
  • Discussions for industrial design and fabrication houses
  • Team SWOT sessions
  • Software development architecture sessions

Furniture elements

  • Can be designed and positioned in a narrow area on the floor plan which cannot be used for clustered workdesk seating
  • The biggest available wall is converted into a whiteboard
  • Small round table tops, 1 for every set of 4 chairs
  • Casual, comfortable seats that can be used for long hours without causing physical stress
  • Ample supply of dry-erase markers and board wipers

Technology elements

  • Strong WiFi access point
  • Standby projector